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Monday, 4 April 2011


That's a joke, because *guffaw* get this *snigger* Complex is the name of the evil toad computer I always fight! HA HA HA! Anyway, let me get serious for a moment.

Wayne Goodchild informs me he's very busy at the moment, editing and some other boring human stuff I really can't be bothered to repeat here. Something about losing work, and having time to write or YAWN BORING WAYNE. An interesting thing he did come out with is that his latest Jonny Cave story owes a debt to John Carpenter's film In The Mouth of Madness (which is one of my favourite films, alongside Bunny Girls On Top) and that his phobia story, which is about Xanthophobia (the fear of yellow) takes place in the same universe as Jonny Cave, but in modern times. That's actually quite exciting. I do enjoy writers who link their stories together. Mind you, I prefer linking up awesome hand-to-hand combat techniques when I'm fighting EVIL TOADS!

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