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Saturday, 15 January 2011



I'm MOVVVIIINNNGGG!!!!! I mean, I'm always moving because I have use of my legs, but what I mean is 'I'm moving house'. I'll be online in spits and spats for a while, but DON'T FRET! You can still access super duper tasty Rev. Austin goodness in its various forms in my absence:

My very short Lovecraftian piece OF BURIED TRUTHS will appear on Eschatology at the end of this month.

The second part of the Jonny Cave adventure DIONYSUS RISING should appear in New Bedlam this month too.

Previously on Jonny Cave... A travelling theatre troupe have rolled into town, and their latest performance is having a decidedly weird effect on all those who watch it. After the only other preacher in New Bedlam cuts his wrists and tries to drink the blood, and Jonny's companion Laura Paris gets impossibly, uncharacteristically, drunk, Jonny decides to take direct action and confront the head of the theatre group...

What else? I think that's it for now. My band, Phyliss, have some songs online if you fancy a listen [http://www.myspace.com/phylisswilldestroyyou] and my other band, Handsome Bastards, may or may not have some songs online soon, too [http://www.myspace.com/realbastards].


Your friendly neighbourhood Rev xxx

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