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Friday, 3 December 2010


Boy oh boy that's a boring blog headline, but I figured I was about due for a Ronseal one, so there it is. Magnificent.

I thought I'd make a kind of 'update' post that features - are you ready for this? - all the cool stuff I've got going on right now. And there we have it. It's all been splurged over a few posts, some of which have now disappeared off this page, so here goes! In order of coolness (maybe) -->

Joint 1st place) My short story, PAPA CROW [in which a dead husband returns to his family in the body of a scarecrow], did rather well in the [viewable by members only] 6th Annual Cafe Doom comp, and I've now rejigged the beginning everso slightly (to remove the clunkiness that Jon pointed out) and I've also changed the end so, hopefully, it tugs on the ol' heartstrings a bit more than the misplaced 'haha I'll subvert your expectations of how this should end!' original ending. Started subbing it to pro markets [and I'm crossing every single crossable part of my body].

A sidenote/musing: I'm now aware of just what sort of impact having an army (even a small one) of slush readers/editors for a zine/site/what-have-you has on said zine/site/what-have-you, and the subs they get. ie enough of the people involved need to like your story for it to get anywhere - doesn't matter if it blows everything ever out the water for one person - if no one else likes it that much then it's...dun dun deerr...dead in the water. Two water comparisons in one sentence. A new record!

Just as the CD comp gave a lot of folks an insight into what it's like been an editor, the selection/final judging process gave a peek behind-the-scenes of the more professional markets (in this case SHOCK TOTEM). Since I started editing anthologies, I realised how easy it is for an editor to send form rejections out when they have to deal with a shedload of subs in a short space of time, so I don't feel annoyed when I get one myself now, and I'll also take some solace from the fact I may not get into a particular publication if they have a few slush readers, because it's entirely possible they liked it, just not enough of them. That's not to say I expect rejection, or even embrace it. You manaic! Why would I do that?

Oh, and it's also raised an interesting, and recurring point: I don't know whether I should mention to prospective publishers that it was in the CD comp and performed admirably. On the one hand, it's worth boasting about, but on the other hand (as with my novel submissions) even though I've had some really nice stuff said about it, ultimately it hasn't been picked up, so that's the thing other publishers will look at. Plus 'they don't want me to tell them what to think about it'. It's a conundrum, all right!

1b) Someone's reviewed M Is For Monster, the horror antho I'm in with a bunch of really cool, top writers, and had this to say about my story!!! -->

S is for Stymphalian Bird – Wayne Goodchild - 14 Pages
John Hathaway is a collector of historical curiosities and supposed mythological artefacts. Because of his relative wealth, he has been able to put aside much of his life and money towards collecting these oddities. His latest acquisition is a curious metallic feather, viciously sharp to the touch and supposedly from the mystical Stymphhalin Bird. Shortly after John has returned to the home he shares with his wife, Miranda, a strange influx in horrific deaths begin to take place around the community. Deaths that are being linked to a mysterious flock of crane like birds, with beaks and feathers as sharp as knives...

With a premise hailing from the likes of the glorious creature feature pulp-horror novels of the 70’s and 80’s, this action packed soiree into the return of a mystical and terrifying bird is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of edge-of-the-seat excitement from start to end. The attacks are frenzied and thrilling; the interwoven characters and their response to the threat, bursting with tension. This truly is an unrelenting short tale quivering at the rafters with untameable horror thrills. Superb!

2) The Scroll of Anubis is now available via my Amazon Author Page. This was the second anthology I got accepted for, so I'm chuffed to bits it's finally here. My story in it is called EGYPT, PA and takes place in the titular town (which really exists!) as two kids on the verge of leaving their childhood behind uncover a terrifying conspiracy growing in the heart of the suburbs.

3) I've opened submissions to Attack of the 50ft Book. I'm after stories featuring giant monsters, of pretty much any description. Stories don't need to all involve destruction and carnage though. I'm particularly interested in stuff incorporating a pulp feel, as well as cross-genre stuff. Details can be found HERE!

And that's ya lot, now F**K OFF!

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