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Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Submissions are now open for THROUGH THE WORMHOLE: BILL AND WAYNE'S FAR OUT SPACE TALES, to be published by the Library of Science Fiction...

Editors : Myself & Bill Tucker

We want your most gnarly, whacked-out and downright mondo science fiction stories. We want you to really cut loose and give us scenarios we've never seen before.

We don't want to see any obvious staples like 'people answer a distress call to find a spaceship drifting empty through space...or is it?!' or 'a new friendly alien race turn out to be evil' or anything like that. Be fresh, be creative, be utterly mental.

We're also not after bizarro - but you are encouraged to take your story as far as it can go before it actually becomes that genre (i.e. surreal, but still grounded in reality).

Other than that, the usual genres are welcome, and stories can be set anywhere or anywhen, provided it's fundamentally science fiction.

Word limit: a very firm 4K - 7K words

Payment: 1 cent p/word + 1 contributor copy

NO reprints
NO multiple submissions

Simultaneous submissions are okay, but please do us the courtesy of letting us know if your story gets accepted elsewhere.


Put name/by-line, approx word count, postal address and email address at the top of the first page.

NO headers on any other pages, please.

Indent by 1 press of the TAB key to start a new paragraph.

NO fancy formatting. Sometimes people have their writing software set up so it adds extra space between lines and/or paragraphs. Please remove anything like this, as it's really annoying. Thank you!

Other than this, usual Shunn manuscript rules apply.

Send submissions to wormholeantho[at]gmail[dot]com

Deadline is March 1st 2011 so plenty of time to work on something!

Further details and discussion can be found on the Library forum! http://libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com/2010/10/20/through-the-worm-hole-submissions-open


  1. Wow, I am all over this! Great idea, guys.

  2. Thanks! I'm really hoping to see some utterly nuts stories coming in :D

  3. Hey Rev,

    It's me Charlie In The Box. Wow, since we connected on Facebook, I am learning so much more about ya!! I'm still thankful you led me to that writing project on Cafe Doom. So excited to participate.

    And now I see your editing some exciting anthologies. I look forward to possibly submitting some work to you, only problem is I have to write new material. Not an issue, since I enjoy writing. Ok, I'm a rambling, as you probably know is a common thing among us writer folks.
    I joined you blog to keep in touch.
    Talk with you soon.

  4. Hey Charlie! Good to see you on here ;) I dare say A Glitch in the Continuum won't be the last book I edit as I'm enjoying the process too much to stop any time soon haha I almost wish I could sub something myself for this one :D