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Friday, 17 September 2010


Step right up ladies and gentlemen! Another book's come out, this one ended by one of my stories. That's nice, isn't it? Yes it is, you don't have to answer that one - I just did it for you. What's it about? Here, I'll think about it and you can read my mind....did you ignore that memory of your mum in sexy lingerie? Because you should. Pick on the thought next to it. Yeah that's the one. No, don't be scared, it's only BLOODY CARNIVAL, from PILL HILL PRESS. YYYEEAAAHHHH CIRCUS HORROROROROROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now available to purchase for your loved one as a distinctly unexpected gift. I don't even mind if you fib and say you know me, make yourself look cool because you're my pretend friend. BEST pretend friend. 4 eva lolololzzzzzzzzz

My story's called THIS CIRCUS, THESE ROOTS and has it all: a sweary clown, a scared child, an angry dad, a creepy ringmaster...plus some sexy surprises.

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  1. Here is something else to brighten your week.
    I have nominated you for a Creative Writers award :) hop on over to my page and check it out :)