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Wednesday, 25 August 2010


My story, "DOCTOR DOLITTLE HE AIN'T" has been accepted for Fearology 2, set to be published by Library of Horror! I'm surprised because I thought it was simply too absurd but shows what I know ;)

It follows a man named Middleton as he ends up in a desert diner during a ferocious storm. Turns out he's been on the run for a couple of months...from NATURE! The story makes completely mental use of such creatures as a komodo dragon and a colossal squid as Nature it/herself hunts Middleton down for something terrible he's done to it/her. Oooohh yyeeeaaahhhh!

And as an amendment:

Fearology 2 : Beware All Animals Great And Small TOC

Running With The Pack - D. K. Latta

Cat Food - Joleen Kuyper

Walk ‘Em Up - Gef Fox

The Monkey’s Sandwich - Craig Saunders

Horseman - Renee Carter Hall

Alien Registration - James Peak

Revenge On Apex Mountain - Michael Hodges

What Doesn’t Kill - K. A. Dean

Roaches - Amanda Northrup Mays

Goats Do Roam - Christopher King

Mahishasura - Richard Marsden

A Murder Of Crows - Henry Snider

Sons Of Gula - R. M. Ridley

Canis Finalis - Aaron Legler

Feeding Oscar - Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

Night Of The Widow - Alex J. Kane

Smells Like Neurosis - Kent Alyn

Peek-A-Boo - Eric Dimbleby

Beastial - Martin Rose

Infestation - Tom Harold

On The Banks Of The Royal Marsh - Daniel Powell

Doctor Dolittle He Ain’t - Wayne Goodchild

The Tora Bora Horror - Gregory L. Norris


  1. Congrats on the acceptance! Am looking forward to being in Fearology with you :-) Your story sounds great by the way!

  2. Thanks ^_^ yours sounds pretty cool too - I'm a sucker for violent cat stories (re: The Cat From Hell by Stephen King) haha

  3. Cheers, hehe, I don't know that one (been writing horror longer than I've been reading it) but I think I might enjoy it!

  4. The Cat From Hell's a great story. It's reprinted in King's recent Just After Sunset collection, which is absolutely fantastic. Every story in it rocks.

    My story "Night of the Widow" was also chosen for the Fearology 2 anthology. Look forward to reading both of your stories.


  6. Neat. I'm looking forward to my contributor's copy too. Congrats.