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Sunday, 1 August 2010


I went paintballing yesterday and was quite unprepared for how knackering it would be. This morning, I can hardly use my legs. WAAAAA!!!!

I'm going to continue working on a few stories today to sub to various anthos:

One about a man who's sort-of being hunted by various animals because Nature literally hates him - this is for THIS SUB CALL.

One about a kid who gets possessed by a comic book. Sort-of. That's for THIS.

And a more complex piece (I hope) that isn't for any particular sub call, but is something I had a big idea about anyway, about a couple who end up stuck in a small English village as the locals are hunting...something. It's not too dissimilar to The Devil's Backbone for one of the themes, though the main one is about trust and emotional stability, with another layer about who the real bad guys are, that sort of thing. How mysterious!

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