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Friday, 16 April 2010


Panoramic view of an island.


Storm clouds coalesce in the sky.


2 cops on a boat approach a small dock.



The strident, vaguely discordant strings compel and urge events along as a detective, Teddy, and his partner, I Can't Remember His Name, investigate the disappearance of a woman from a locked cell. Was she a prisoner? Yes and no: she's a mental patient in the loony bin on the island.

SHUTTER ISLAND is brilliant, and a 10/10 film if ever there was one. It is also a very deliberate pulp fiction piece, with a supernatural hint to proceedings (in the same way that John Carpenter's Assault on Precinct 13 feels like a zombie film) that demands your attention. Who's telling the truth? What are some people hiding? Where did that broad go? Teddy suffers from vivid dreams and nightmares about his beloved wife who died in an apartment fire - what does her murderer, a deformed arsonist, have to do with the main case? The film asks a lot of questions, but satisifyingly, you get answers to all of them.


The score is equally wonderful, with snatches of wonky piano punctuating moments of eerie calm, and classical music soundtracking other flashbacks to World War 2, all of which helps heighten the tension and suspense.

The word 'run' gets wet and in a lovely visual pun streaks down the paper it's written on.

Water flows down a red door in an unnerving trick-of-the-light that resembles blood.

The dungeons in the mental hospital hide dangerous men, but are they as dangerous as those on the other side of the bars?

I can't recommend this film enough. I love it!


In other news: I'm helping my chum Bill Tucker edit another anthology. Here're the details:

The Library of Science Fiction & Fantasy Press presents -
Doomology : The Dawning Of Disasters

The submission period is now open and will close as the book fills. An advanced deadline date will be announced here when established. DEADLINE IS APRIL 30th

Seeking original stories about disasters/apocalyptic events. Stories can be from a global scale to a small localized event. They can be about the beginning, middle, end/aftermath or all three aspects of an event.

The types of disasters could be man-made events/accidents, natural events, biological (plague/viral, animal attacks), scientific (nuclear, technological, computers/AI), or other creative scenarios. Think of a combination of disaster films and apocalyptic fiction. Could be anything from surviving a sinking ship, attack of mutated bugs, giant killer rabbits, nuclear threats, computers turning off world wide, or erupting volcanoes.

Not seeking zombie stories in any form.

Please use standard manuscript formatRTF AttachmentCourier font size 12
No page numbers/headersUse italics – do not underline
Word Count is a strict 6k min. to 10k. (if longer please pm me). Seeking detailed fleshed out stories. Please include your name, address, phone, number and email on the title page with the word count.

Send submissions to DoomAntho@gmail.com

Payment is 1 cent per word and 1 contributor copy.

And don't forget we're still after subs for No More Heroes!

Further details/discussion of these anthos can be found here: http://libraryofthelivingdead.lefora.com/forum/category/library-of-science-fiction-fantasy/

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