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Saturday, 26 December 2009


Updated this site a little bit so all my influences are now real gen-u-wine links to said people and bands, in case you (or anyone) might be interested to know more about them. Also popped a list of blogs at the bottom of the page, for other writers and whatnot.

I've found myself doing my usual trick of working on so many things at once that they've all slowed down a bit, but then it IS the festive period and a rest is deserved (like writing's as hard as working down a coal mine haha). Current whatsists on the go:

Bricksville, my "zombie" novel. Think 1980's horror film, so MUTANTS, MUTANTS and MORE MUTANTS! With hilarious consequences!
One Man and His Dog - an exterminator finds a most peculiar cockroach...with hilarious consequences! I'm going to sub this to Severed Press as soon as it's finished, so fingers crossed for THAT.
Xanthous - partially inspired by Robert W. Chambers' The King In Yellow, this is about a man with a fear of the colour (and word) yellow - with hilarious consequences! Doesn't have an ending yet, but I do have a market in mind to sub it to.
He Will Drown In Holy Fire/There Are No Secrets In A Small Town (Only Lies) - don't know if I'll use either of these titles, but in any case, this is a Jonathan Cave story that's so high concept I've put a hole through my roof. And that's all I'm saying at this moment. Ohhh how mysterious!

I'm also currently waiting on responses to a couple of stories I've subbed to paying markets:
Full Moon Blues, a Jonny Cave story involving a WEREWOLF - with hilarious consequences!
Fresh Meat For The City - a very, very weird horror noir (my prefered style). Features noir archetypes recast as avatars of Lovecraftian deities - with hilarious consequences!

And THAT is the end of THAT. I also recently uploaded shitloads of music (click HERE!) that is almost certainly guaranteed to explode your speakers (I have a genuine history of doing that).

Oh yeah! I also want to make a very short film about a man trapped in his own personal time loops (due to a genetic condition) (with hilarious consequences!) but, ironically, I don't know if I'll have time/the means to do this any time soon. We'll see...

Hope you had a good Chrimbo; I got some Lego!

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