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Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Something else that's got me quite excited recently is the discovery of a dictionary I got in 1986, for my 7th birthday. I love archaic words, and it's interesting to see just how many words appear in this old dictionary (it's a 'pocket' oxford one, despite being the size of a brick) that no longer have a use in our lives. For instance, it has one of my favourite Lovecraft words ('Cyclopean') in it! Wonderful.

I also keep forgetting to plug CAFÉ DOOM. I've received some useful writing crit from the folks on there, and Ed (the big cheese) is currently running the Fifth Annual Writing Comp. So take a gander why don'tcha?

Remember I mentioned Lame Goat Press the other day? They're also running a comp at the mo to create the cover art for An Amorous Thing, by Kody Boye. I'm having a crack at it -not sure if my style would be suitable but if I don't try I'll never know. I'm also having a go at designing the art for another book cover, but I'm cheating a bit and reworking an exisiting piece of my own artwork for this ho ho nuts to it, I say!

And I don't know why the tag below for 'short story comp' has an asterik next to it. I WONDER WHAT IT MEANS!!!!!?????????

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