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Saturday, 3 October 2009


I like Ryan Reynolds. He started out as the 'new' Chevy Chase, and I love Chevy Chase. But nowadays Ryan Reynolds gets himself involved in more interesting fare than goofy comedies. Case in point: The Nines.

This is another 'review whilst I watch' type affair, mainly because I started watching the film, thought it was alright, nothing special...and then it pulled a masterful stroke halfway through.

The film's in three distinct parts: The Prisoner, Reality TV, and Knowing. All three overlap, and all three star Ryan Reynolds as an actor, a writer and games designer, respectively. All three start to realise there's something wrong with the world, and it involves 'nines'. Very mysterious!

To be honest, the first part is rather clumsy, and the fat lass who plays The Actor's publicist is extremely irritating. We spend too much time watching these two goof around rather than discussing the peculiarities inherent in the world, and it doesn't bode well for the film. It also has a musical number, and...well it just doesn't work. Nothing in this part really works. Until the 'end' of it, when The Actor discovers he's a 'nine' and, possibly, kills the world.

Yep. I bet that's got your attention.

The Writer's part is a lot more interesting. Presented as a reality tv show following the creator of a tv show called Knowing, it's the best section of the film (so far - it hasn't finished yet). The fat lass returns as The Writer's best friend, and their relationship feels real and is quite affecting, especially when he's "forced" to kick her off his show (she's also an actress) and replace her with a prettier, thinner, actress. This is also the part with the masterstroke, when The Writer's being followed by the TV crew, gets angry, and tells them to fuck off. Then...well, you'll see if you watch it ;)

The third part, Knowing, is, as you might have already guessed, the tv show from the second part...except presented as reality.

Ah, it's just finished.

Throughout all three parts, there is a woman who seems to know *something* about The Truth. In the first part, she offers The Actor an escape. In the second part, she seeks to upset and control The Writer. In the third part, she encounters The Games Designer and reveals The Truth. And I have to admit, I liked the idea very much.

The Nines is kind of like three seperate realities ovelapping, whilst they also manage to co-exist. Which is a really cool idea, and puts me in mind of the short story Life Is What You Make It, by James Burr. I certainly didn't see the reveal coming (the 'overlapping realities' isn't the actual reveal, you understand), and ultimately ended up enjoying the film. If the beginning part could be re-edited, I think it'd be a very decent film. And if they managed to synch the music up to the action on-screen a little more.

Ryan Reynolds doesn't really need to 'act' that much, to be honest, except in the second part. Elle Fanning plays a mute girl in all three parts and is both very sweet and a nice little actress. The fat lass is, despite my derogatory labelling, both competent and attractive. I like 'em with a bit of meat on the bones. You didn't expect a film review to end with that comment, did you? :D

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