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Thursday, 1 October 2009


Hurrahs all round, what what!

Regular viewers may recall the newsflash that I'd had my story, This Town Hides an Inferno, shortlisted for possible inclusion on the New Bedlam website, which is run by Jodi Lee....

...and I just got the email saying it has been accepted! Well, the email was sent last night but I've been away so I only saw it this morning.

Also, if Jodi Lee reads this - the last bit of my reply email should read 'mildly astounding'; I was in a bit of an excited hurry to send it back so I fudged these words up haha


And here it is: http://newbedlam.com/zine/?p=182


My alien horror story, Midnight In A Small Town, has been accepted for inclusion in Tales From The Void, an anthology from Library of Horror Press! I'm super duper chuffed, as it's pretty grotesque/insidious, and even starts with two horny teenagers smoking a joint, as they watch a meteor land in the nearby woods! Just like an old-fashioned sci-fi film haha well, it's set in 1978 (although this isn't obvious, just insinuated), so it's like a 30-year-old film.

Fun fact, pop-pickers: 1978 is the year the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers was made. That film is awesome. "AAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"

This marks two acceptances in one day, and 10 in 7 months. Christ, I feel light-headed!

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