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Monday, 21 September 2009


I wonder if putting one on Rapid Wash uses more energy than a normal wash? Logic would dictate 'no' because it does things quicker, but, also logically, wouldn't more power be used to make the machine work faster? Perhaps the amount of energy used is exactly equal in both cases, with the benefit being that the Rapid Wash takes less time. But, if this was the case, every washing machine would only ever operate at the Rapid Wash level.
Polishing off a couple of short stories, to send off for hopeful inclusion in other anthologies (if they're deemed good enough, which obviously, THEY ARE :D ).

Also going to start making a more concerted effort to seek out paying markets with a 'theme'...not that I've been sat on my hands, but I enjoy the challenge of working to a brief, as it were.

Also also, the point is I continue to get my storeez out there for YOU to read (I still maintain 8 acceptances in 7 months is a mini-triumph to savour and use as fuel for the aforementioned concerted effort) and, although payment is/should never be the sole reason for doing it (I think), a fellow writer has the motto of "Why should I give my best work away?" which I have combined with mine: "I just want to get my work out there!" into:

"I just want to get paid for doing something I really enjoy and work hard at!?"

Well, I'm just being honest. And whilst we're on the subject, that tie really doesn't suit you. It makes you look like a Geography teacher.

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