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Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I really should update some of my other sites.

Watched Diagnosis: Death recently, and it was pretty crap. Most folks'll be suckered into getting it because the three main blokes from Flight of the Conchords are in it, but regarding humour, it has practically none in it, and certainly NOTHING to recommend it to actual fans of FotC. RUBBISH!

I'm putting the finishing touches to a werewolf story set in New York, in 1946. I've managed to not use the word 'werewolf' but still use references to the full moon, and silver. I'd like to think the story is the only werewolf story in existance that kills the werewolf off by xxxxxxxx it xxx a fifty-xxxxxx xxxxxxxx, but I might be xxxxx haha. The main character's my latest creation, jazz musician turned itinerant preacher, Jonathan Cave. He's tough!

Now also trying to think of an idea for an alien story. I quite like the idea of making an Independance Day-style story; something with lots of explosions and zero logic and plot OOOO FACED!

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