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Thursday, 2 July 2009


I mean, really, really hot. I've burnt my knees.

I'm okay though, because I used to live in Australia. That's your Rev. Austin fact for today. I have dual nationality between the UK and Oz, which is handy. I enjoyed living there, as the people were very relaxed - which is probably why I'm so laidback. I'd probably be better off back there actually, as my temperament doesn't suit England's high-stress busybusybusy climate haha.

Why do people complain about the heat here, when they go off on holiday for the heat? Maybe because it's unnatural in this country. Or maybe just because the British love to moan. Or...BOTH?

In other news: I can't win. I either make a sandwich with fresh salad in-between stale bread, or use fresh bread and a combination of clever ingredients that put people off. Seriously, some people can be really thick.

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