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Friday, 5 June 2009


A bit of extra pimpage here kiddies. Tony Smth is the chap behind FLASHES IN THE DARK and has now also got his own wonderfully-named site up and running: WRITING FOR PEANUTS. If you've already cheked out FITD, or even if you haven't, have a gander at that and WFP, which has updates and details on all manner of Tony Smith-shaped gubbins.

And on a personal note, I'll stick some of my "art" on here after the weekend, and I've added a brief update to TABLE 42.

AND after the weekend I'll have some more reviews sorted for the QUIET! sites [linked at the foot of the page] - if I remember enough of it/it's worth reviewing, I'll write about DRAG ME TO HELL, since I'm off to see that. Otherwise, I'll be doing a sort-of comparison between The Mist novella and The Mist film.

Up, up, and across!

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