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Saturday, 27 June 2009


What-ho, old beans!

New piece of art up on http://potato-art.blogspot.com/ that 'compliments' a short story entitled Grease Paint and Monkey Brains.

Also sent off a new piece called The Colouring Book of the Dead, which is pretty self-explanatory, really.

Currently reading Blood Music by Greg Bear, and it's sneaky as it manages to actually be two stories in one - the main plot follows a scientist as he injects himself with an experimental cell structure that ends up being intelligent and, well, it's mind-bending to say the least. And then, half-way through, the story, it becomes about the end of the world. Sort-of. I'll stick a review up soon. It's very, very intelligent.

Also, since the King of Pop has exploded, I've uploaded the KNIVES OF DEATH "tribute" song 'KNIVES OF DEATH INVENTED GLOBAL WARMING' to our MYSPACE. RIP you goofy white bastard.

What else? There is nothing else! Now the current series of Supernatural has finished my life is empty. And I'm never up early enough to watch Quincy repeats on ITV.

Goodchild - AWAY!

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