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Friday, 19 June 2009


Wrote a very short story this morning, entitled 'THE EVENT or GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD' and submitted it to a site that does weird fiction, so, as always, fingers crossed. I've sort-of decided on using the idea that, when colours are continuously described in something I've written, this means the piece revolves around a dream or fever or something like that. THE EVENT or GOODBYE, CRUEL WORLD is one of these, and a few other things are out there in the ether with a similar style...

I don't know whether it's because I'm literally churning stories out (I've managed to write at least 20 stories of varying length in the last few months) but I've got this feeling akin to 'throw enough shit at the wall, see what sticks'. Not that my work's shit; that's a rather unfortunate comparison but I can't think of a less crass version.

Anyway, I've submitted about 10 pieces in this last month, and the wait is killing me. Part of me hopes that by sending so much stuff out there, surely some of it will get published...the whole point is to get my name out there with my short stories, so if/when I next send off my actual novel (after hearing back from the places it's currently gone to) I can go 'ah but you see, my name's out so people will have heard of me'. That's partly why I'm going to try and get some other things I've written published [hence the "poetry" remark yesterday].

Enough of that: here's some gif art to keep you happy:

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