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Thursday, 18 June 2009


Just a brief update, really. I'm waiting to hear back from various 'zines as to the fate of several short stories, but in the meantime I'm working on what's turning into a frankly disturbing erotic horror story about converging realities. I'm not normally into 'erotica' [not my cup of tea, thanks] but it suits the story so in it goes. Mind you, I have read a lot of Richard Laymon.

The nature of 2 realities co-existing in the same reality whilst maintinaing their own identities and then splitting back into two separate realities that occupy the same reality also helps make the story a bit weird, and we'll see how many heads it makes pop when/if it gets published by anybody. Fingers crossed!

In more concrete news, the next issue of SIX LITTLE THINGS is online this weekend. I got a sneak preview at the finished issue and, honestly, most of the other stories/pieces in it are excellent [I think my personal favourite is a piece by Amir Kenan], whilst the artwork is ace - really trippy and strangely organic.

I think I might try and see if I can turn some lyrics into "poems", as, after all, that's probably the most pretentious thing I can do hahhaahah oh dear

Seriously, I think the world needs to read the delights of 'Unfeasible Climax feat. Aqua Dad'.

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